-digital production made easy

  • We CAD design your ideas
  • We 3D  print your design
  • Injection mold design
  • Injection mold low /med volume
  • 3D printed products to go

Fast delivery with high quality

We believe in attention to details and personal engagement.

What do we offer?

Winther3D offer a wide range of services around digital manufaction, from CAD design to 3D print production using 3D FDM as well as injection mold design and high volume production.

We offer also a wide range of products ready to be ordered.

We 3D print what you need, send the file, get a qoute and
we deliver in Europe/worldwide.

We offer extra services such ZIP bag packaging including barcode and label text. 

CAD design with feedback to you

We can help you design your idea/product, print prototypes and run volume production. It does not matter if its 1-1000pcs, we are here to help you no matter the  volume/pcs you need.  We will assist you with optimal design feedback to make sure e.g. strength and choice of material suits the application for your design/idea.

Buy our own products

We offer a wide range of 3D printed products specifically made for a unique applications to for example Ubiquiti UI wireless router wall-mounts and Sonos speaker wall-mounts and much more. We design and digital produce products from e.g. Ubiquiti Networks, Sonos, Mikrotik and more.

Examples of our own products ready to order

This is a wall-mount for Ubiquiti UniFi Cloudkey GEN2 PLUS. Notice it is made with 2 color plastic allowing the products blue LED light to pass through. Also we ensure the product own passive/active cooling passes freely. The optional arm is to lock in the product in place if mounted in e.g. upside down/underneath a table.

This is a wall-mount/bracket for the Sonos Move wireless speaker. Eesthetic pleasing design that follow the actual product design itself. Designed to withstand use indoors or outdoors.